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  • Insurance Initial Offer: $0
  • Offer after k2 got involved: $466,011
  • Insurance Initial Offer: $1,302
  • Offer after k2 got involved: $261,012
  • Insurance Initial Offer: $17,926
  • Offer after k2 got involved: $144,780
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Residential Claims in Texas

In the wake of a disaster, homeowners should be able to expect that their insurers will be there to uphold their end of the bargain. Sadly, many insurance companies fail to adequately assess the damages that are caused by a disaster and, thereby, fail to fairly compensate their policyholders when they need it most. At K2 Consulting & Services, LLC, we understand just how frustrating the claims process can be, and our licensed public insurance adjusters can help you do what is necessary to accurately assess the damage to your property and obtain fair compensation for your losses.

Accurately Assess the Damages after a Disaster

Insurance companies are businesses, and they will do everything they can to pay as little as possible on claims that their policyholders file. That means your insurance provider will send out their own claims adjuster to determine the extent of damages on your property, and there is a good chance they will not be as thorough as you would hope. If your damages need assessment, you should consider working with a licensed public insurance claim adjuster who can help you make sure you are treated fairly. The team at K2 Consulting & Services, LLC has the experience and resources to help you work through any claim associated with the following:

  • hail iconHail
  • wind iconWind
  • tornado iconTornado
  • earthquake iconEarthquake
  • fire iconFire
  • water-leak iconWater Leaks
  • flood iconFlood

Rather than focusing primarily on the visible, surface-level damage the disaster caused, our experienced team has the knowledge to look for structural and other hidden damages that your home sustained as the result of the disaster. Once we fully assess the total damage you will need to repair or replace, you will be in a better position to exercise the rights you have as a policyholder, including:

Contact us to speak to an experienced Texas property appraiser and learn more about how you can maximize your claim and get the most out of the policy that you have paid for in good faith.

Exercise Your Rights as a Policyholder

When it comes time to assert your rights, it will be critical that you work through the narrowly defined claims process that your insurer set up. As you might imagine, making a claim can be tedious work. Keeping that in mind, our licensed insurance claims adjusters are prepared to help you create a comprehensive claim management plan to keep your claim on track and up to date. In addition, we can help you make sure you are maximizing your claim by researching and collecting evidence that supports the details of your claim. One of the most important things we can do to achieve the most from your claim is to act as your advocate during the on-site inspections of your home and during your interactions with your insurer.

Client Stories


Damage from Hailstorm

Our client, Warrior Holdings LLC, had over 200 of their units of residential property damaged by a hailstorm in Oklahoma City in 2010. All of the buildings had extensive damage. When they presented the case to their insurance company, the entity flat-out denied paying for any of the damages on many of their homes and covered only a small amount on the others. Overall, they were set to receive about $1,000 for each of their homes...

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Fire Damage

House Fire Destruction

Chad B. of Friendswood, TX was visiting a neighbor when his two preteen boys called him saying they smelled smoke in the house. When Chad rushed home, he realized an electrical fire had started at the dryer and spread throughout the house. He and his boys left that night and went to stay with Chad’s parents. Not wanting to put out his folks too much by cramming five people into their modest home, Chad started sleeping on his parent’s sailboat...

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Payout discrepancy examples

Insurance Company Offer


Insurance Company Offer

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Shannon Kimmel

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Shannon Kimmel started working with insurance adjusters in 1996, after a short time in the wine and spirits business starting in 1994. He got his adjustment start while working for a large commercial and residential roofing company in Houston, Texas in 1996. In 1999, Kimmel left the company to open a roofing company of his own and a custom home building company, building residential and commercial buildings. READ MORE >

Consult with a Texas Claims Adjuster

If your home was affected by a natural disaster and you will be filing a significant insurance claim, you should consider partnering with one of our public claims adjusters as you work through the claims process. Our team of licensed insurance adjusters understands just how much will depend on your claim’s success, and we can help you do what is necessary to exercise your rights as a policyholder. To speak with an experienced claims adjuster about your claim, please call our offices at (832) 491-1217 today.

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