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Texas Insurance Adjusters

The Texas insurance claims adjusters of K2 Consulting & Services, LLC are there for you when you need the help the most. We pride ourselves on giving each of our clients the personal attention they deserve following a catastrophic event. We don’t chase catastrophes, we serve our clients in Central Texas and work for you. Following an event that causes damage to your personal or commercial property, we are ready to step in and ensure you get the fair amount from your insurance provider to rebuild and move on with your life.

When you turn to the professionals of K2, you know that you are not just a number, and your claim is not just another case. We care about helping our clients recover the compensation they deserve so that they can rebuild their lives after a disaster. Contact us at (832) 491-1217 to discuss your claim today.

What We Do

Day in and day out, we strive to provide our clients the quality claims service they deserve. We strongly believe in thorough investigation of the cause of loss, precise scoping of damage, accurate recorded and written statements, and a thorough evaluation recommendation to help ease the claims process for you, the property owner. Whether you have a personal property claim or complex commercial property damage, we are here to help you sort out the details and get what you are rightly owed from your insurance company.

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Don’t let your insurance claim sit unresolved. Turn to an experienced Texas public adjuster of K2 Consulting & Services, LLC to make sure you get the most from your insurance policy. Contact us at (832) 491-1217 to schedule your evaluation today.

Public Adjusting FAQs

What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance company’s adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are trained to represent the interests of their employers. Basically, an insurance company adjuster works for the company, while a public adjuster works for you. A public adjuster will always act in your best interest and is trained to present a comprehensive claim on your behalf. If your insurance company provides you with an adjuster, it is important to know that the adjuster’s loyalty will always be to the company. If you want to ensure that you receive the insurance settlement you deserve, be sure to contact a public adjuster.

What kind of claims do public adjusters deal with?

Public adjusters are prepared to evaluate and adjust any claims that deal with property damage. Whether you have suffered damage to your personal or commercial property, a public adjuster can help you. Some of the most common claims that public adjusters deal with include damage from fires, hurricanes, floods, explosions, ice storms, wind, and more. A public adjuster can also deal with claims of business losses that are caused by property damage. If you home or business has been damaged, it is important to have a public adjuster help you with your insurance claim.

If I hire a public adjuster, will this anger my insurance company or cause delays?

If you experience any delays or other issues with your insurance claim, it is likely that these problems would have existed with or without the presence of a public adjuster. Your insurance company cannot delay your claim because you have hired a public adjuster. In fact, if your insurance company does just that, it is clear that they do not have your best interest in mind. In some situations, a public adjuster may be able to solve the issues that come about when dealing with an insurance company. An experienced public adjuster will never let your claim be delayed or forgotten.

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