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Insurance Claim To-Dos

After working in the field for over a decade, our public insurance claims adjusters at K2 Consulting & Services, LLC have the experience and resources necessary to help homeowners understand and exercise their rights as insurance policyholders. Keeping that in mind, there are a few things that anyone who will need to file a significant property damage claim will need to do as they begin, and eventually work through, the claims process.

Be proactive with your claim. Don’t wait around for your insurer to take the next step during the claims process; they will happily delay you as you try to meet the deadlines specified by your policy. You will need to maintain contact with the insurance claims representative that has been assigned to you. Throughout the process, it will be critical that you understand everything about your property claim. That way, if a problem should arise at any point in the claims process, you will know exactly what to do.

Give your insurer the chance to do the right thing.

That being said, you should not stand idly by if you believe that your insurance carrier is taking advantage of you.

Think of your claim as a business transaction.

The insurance company will be acting in their own best interests, and you will need to do the same. That being said, you should not hesitate to reach out for help if your need it.

Partner with a licensed public claims adjuster.

When you file a substantial property damage claim with your insurer, you will be assigned a claims adjuster who has an in-depth knowledge of the claims process. This will put you at a distinct disadvantage. A public claims adjuster can help level the playing field.

Document and support your claim.

With the help of your public claims adjuster, you will need to collect evidence that proves your property damage was caused by the disaster, details the particulars of your claim, and estimates the costs of damage to your property.

Make clearly articulated requests in writing.

These requests should explain exactly what you need, why you need it, and why you deserve it. Your public insurance claims adjuster can help you make sense of your policy.

Be honest and do not exaggerate.

If you are dishonest, your insurer will find out and you could be charged with a crime, not to mention the fact it will make recovering compensation with your claim all the more difficult.

Don’t sign anything without consulting with an attorney.

Insurance companies can use the complex legal language of insurance law to draft confusing documents. Before you agree to sign a settlement or any other legally-binding document for your insurer, you should speak with a qualified attorney first.

Take an informal approach to problem-solving, but file complaints in writing.

You need to demonstrate that you did everything you could when you filed your complaint. That means that you should work up the chain of command with your insurance company, and you may need to think about working with a government agency under some circumstances. If necessary, we can help you determine which agency you need to contact as you work through the claims process.

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