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Frequently Asked Questions

My home was just damaged in a serious storm. What do I need to do first?

Following a catastrophic event, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to the process of replacing and repairing your property. Additionally, if you have never filed an insurance claim before, you will discover for the first time that dealing with your insurance company is a business negotiation, and is not always as easy as the commercials and jingles lead you to believe it will be. The first step you should always take is to read your policy’s “declarations page” and familiarize yourself with how your policy is set up. Most policies are categorized with sections including: Dwelling (“Coverage A”), Other Structures (“Coverage B”), Personal Property (“Coverage C”), Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses (“Coverage D”), medical payments and liability coverage may also be listed in categories here. You may also have additional “Endorsements or other items that may be included on this page.

It is important to know that although the playing field is not even between you and your insurer, there is a way to fight for the compensation you are owed. Contact an experienced Texas Insurance Adjuster of K2 Consulting & Services, LLC to get a sharp, accurate evaluation of your damage claim and let us help guide you through the claims process.

What is ALE coverage?

ALE stands for “Additional Living Expenses” and often falls under the Loss of Use category on your policy. Make sure you are familiar with the coverage categories on your policy’s declarations page, and if you have ALE coverage, your insurer may be responsible for covering rent, gas and mileage (for longer commutes if you have to live further away from work), food or additional expenses if your temporary dwelling does not have a proper kitchen, and other additional expenses that you may incur due to the loss of use of your home.

This coverage may vary and policyholders often do not know what exactly qualifies for ALE coverage, so make sure to consult a professional from K2 Consulting & Services, LLC at (832) 491-1217 to learn more about your policy and how you can recover the fair amount for your insurance claim from your insurance company.

How do I know what a fair claim settlement is?

Never accept an insurance company’s initial calculation of what they owe for a claim without consulting an experienced insurance claim adjuster first. If you think about it, insurance companies are in the business of making money, and they will often default to paying as little as possible for your claim, simply to get you to “go away”. Additionally, they will naturally read your policy with a bias in their favor, assuming as little responsibility as they can for the damage to your property.

When you hire an insurance claim adjuster, you know that you have a professional on your side, working to get you the fair amount for your claim that you rightfully deserve. You paid your premiums each and every month and now, when you actually need your policy, you deserve to get what you paid for. That’s where the Texas Insurance Claims Adjusters of K2 Consulting & Services, LLC step in. We’re here to help you get what is fair and make sure your insurance company stays honest in the process.

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