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Insurance companies are supposed to help support you when you need it the most. Following a natural disaster, accident, or other property damage emergency, you have every right to expect your insurance company to compensate your damages. Unfortunately, many insurers will fail to compensate you in the way you deserve or won’t offer you any money at all. When insurance companies do not follow through on their promises to the people they insure, an insurance adjuster can help make sure you receive the maximum fair amount of compensation for your damages. Read ahead to learn about some of the people we have helped.

Warrior Holdings LLC: Received Over Seven Times the Original Offer Amount

Our client, Warrior Holdings LLC, had over 200 of their units of residential property damaged by a hailstorm in Oklahoma City in 2010. All of the buildings had extensive damage. When they presented the case to their insurance company, the entity flat-out denied paying for any of the damages on many of their homes and covered only a small amount on the others. Overall, they were set to receive about $1,000 for each of their homes, which was clearly not the amount that they needed. When we stepped in, we could tell right away that the compensation Warrior Holdings LLC had received was well under what they deserved—it seemed as though the insurance company made a mistake. We fought their appraiser, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, for the appropriate amount by thoroughly documenting the damage on each of the homes, compiling our evidence, and presenting it to the insurance company, letting them know that they had made an undeniable error in their pay-out. We took an original appraisal of damage from a total of $220,000 to $1.7 million, increasing the amount for repair on each unit by over seven times the original amount.

Chad B: Received Over Five Times the Original Offer Amount

Chad B. of Friendswood, TX was visiting a neighbor when his two preteen boys called him saying they smelled smoke in the house. When Chad rushed home, he realized an electrical fire had started at the dryer and spread throughout the house. He and his boys left that night and went to stay with Chad’s parents. Not wanting to put out his folks too much by cramming five people into their modest home, Chad started sleeping on his parent’s sailboat. When K2 got involved, we realized Chad had no idea he was entitled to additional living expenses (ALE). It was in his insurance contract, he had paid for the service, but when we asked the insurance company about it, they said, “well, he never asked for that.” What started as a $25,000 settlement—half of which would pay a cleaning company the insurers sent in to hide any evidence of fire and keep Chad from making a claim—grew into a $125,000 claim. Chad had to have his house rewired to get it up to code, which took about six months, but the insurance company didn’t bother telling him that. They thought they could dodge their responsibility. We got Chad and his boys six months of living expenses, as well as the proper repairs on his home, over 10 times what the insurance company offered for repairs initially.

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Remember, the money we help you acquire is what your insurance company already owes you for your damages. At K2 Consulting & Services, LLC, we are not trying to take advantage of your insurer, but we do want you to make the most of the coverage you have already paid for. If you suspect your insurance company is shortchanging you, an insurance adjuster can help you to handle the situation. Our results speak for themselves. Contact us at (832) 491-1217 to learn more about what an insurance adjuster can do for you.

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